At iCapital, we provide you with first-class access to trade a wide range of financial assets.
Our intuitive trading platform offers access to effective trading tools and features.
With iCapital, you never need to miss out on a profitable trading opportunity again.

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The iCapital trading platform is designed to ensure you are able to maximize your trading speed and efficiency, while putting all the right tools at your fingertips.
  • Trade accurately with smart settings that are able to remember your preferred settings and preferences

  • Access a choice of risk management tools to protect your capital, including stop loss orders and price alerts

  • Access a wide choice of powerful trading tools and indicators, while still enjoying stability and speed

  • Access a wide choice of powerful trading tools and indicators, while still enjoying stability and speed

Advanced technical analysis

At iCapital, our clients will gain direct access to premium services from our local trading specialists as well as the best pricing.
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    Real-time Trend Line
    Trend lines are drawn for you and then updated every five minutes. By using technical analysis, you are able to pinpoint the future price action of an asset.
  • screener
    Screen Alerts
    Market movements are closely monitored with a pattern recognition scanner that will alert you automatically when a potentially profitable trading opportunity is pinpointed.
  • placement
    Placement Order
    For convenience and flexibility, you can place orders directly from your charts, ensuring you are able to maximize your trading accuracy and profitability.


With just one-click, you can now invest in multiple CFD positions. Then, simply sit back and watch your Market Strategy rise. As soon as the time is right, simply select when to take your profit OR you can go for the 350% Max Payout.
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    Thanks to Bundles, your trading experience can be simplified with ease, plus you get to enjoy the fun and speed of trading a Bundle of CFDs.
    That is, each Bundle contains a choice of assets from different financial markets including forex, stocks, indices or commodities.
    You can easily select a strategy that is built by trading experts with just 1-click and you can then monitor its performance in the last indicated time period. For example, you can view the changes in the last 5 minutes.
    As a result of this, you now have the opportunity to make returns faster than ever before.
    To top it off, Bundles can be traded by new traders, with ease, while experienced traders will love the high trading action that Bundles have to offer.
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    In the Bundles Market, you will not be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding trading opportunities.
    This is thanks to the fact that values change with every market move.
    To stay on top of the trading action, you can use the powerful tools to review the performance of your Bundles and you can also sell and buy quickly, to maximize profitability.
    With risks controlled and the ease of use, Bundles offer an exciting trading experience compared to traditional market trading. To top it off, you can earn up to 350% or you can lose 100% of only the amount you choose to risk with Bundles. This ensures that there is no risk to your entire account balance. As a result, you now have many opportunities to earn with each trade.
    The best part is that while you watch the performance of your chosen Bundle, you have the flexibility to make adjustments, like doubling down, taking a bigger position, or closing out at any time.
  • 3__
    With markets moving all the time, once you purchase your Bundle, its value will also always change. Based on this, you are able to easily close your investment at a profit by clicking on the ‘Close’ button.
    In addition, you are able to maximize a winning position by simply clicking on the ‘Double’ button.
    The Bundles dashboard is easy to use and to navigate and it provides you with a clear view of your trade positions as well as easy-to-read price charts, so you get an overview of your trade and how the Bundle is performing.
    With this information at your fingertips, you are easily able to make decisions, and you can get in and out of positions, or even open new positions based on how the market is moving.
    With Bundles, you are in the driver’s seat and you are able to trade the market in any way you wish to.